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with our Vision We Bridged the Gap

Ultrasound Systems Empowering Professionals

About Us

Time International co.,ltd, located in Lebanon, is a medical equipment distributing company which specializes in diagnostics radiology systems, imaging technology, Operating Room and other products. More than 30 years, we have been working in medical fieldĀ  very closely with many hospitals, clinics, national and international healthcare organizations.
Eventually we are proud of our dominant position amount pioneer companies in Lebanon.

Thanks to such entrepreneurship spirit, offering consistent innovation of products and top priority to customers, we believe we have reached the level of getting over many difficult hurdles.

Values Integrity, Trust & Transparency


Management Vision

1. Representing supportive, credible companies lead us to become a top-tier national company in healthcare product distribution.

2. Creativity and faithful
Creativity and faithful are a value added to our team. we believe in human as a value and knowledge.

3. Aim for the future
Always look ahead and encourage the challenge spirit

4. Customer-centric product/service
We believe customer-centric approach more important than technology-centric product/service. The real value always comes from customers.

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